Our Firm

2GFund is a Boutique Global Fund with offerings of a variety services to bring investors together with pre-selected “shovel ready” projects and organizations in need of capital.

Our successful range from low- and middle-income initiatives to businesses of all sizes that are looking to expand globally. We invest our own resources and those of our clients in case of 2GFund nominated in Active Investment Fund Share Structure, continually looking for new ways to turn opportunities into growth.

Here is what Our Group’s desire to see:

1. Stage: We invest at pre-seed or seed stages

2. Geography & Ambition: Where do we concentrate

  • No little markets.
  • Only teams that envision exceptional profits and big markets.

3. Founders: We expect full-time founders who are deeply committed.

4. Mobile | Internet Companies: Our major focus is on tech-startups, although will consider tailored approach to all sectors per values presented.

5. Revenue: We want founders who have a plan to generate revenue in the next 6-12 months, otherwise we don’t invest.

6. Minimum Viable Product: We expect founders to be able to build something light that tests their idea and generates feedback from a small base of initial customers.

7. Differentiation: We exclude ideas | products that have differentiation vs competitors.